Welcome to Life Trees

Health and education and if you wish some money too!

Why Life Trees?

When You Join Today

When you join Life Trees today, you’ll get access to these 5 benefits:

We are an invite only club like a buyers club which also has education about health, life, business and the internet and a chance for you to earn. Only if you wish. There is no compulsion for you to learn or to introduce people. Just enjoy the other benefits!

1. Get access to cheap Hemp and Moringa powder then other healthy products as we grow. We have supplies growing in both Kenya and Australia.

2, Get access to exceptional health, longevity, internet, AI and social media education. Courses, guides and daily tips through our Life Trees app. Everything we know is in here for you.

Life and business coaching as well.

As we grow other experts will add courses and guides.

3. Get given investor tokens you can sell anytime. These tokens are listed on a public exchange and will have a fluctuating sales price. Like a publicly listed business. The last token we created rose 43 times in value. $10 of it became worth $430.

4. Get an early chance to get paid to introduce others to our club. 

There is a binary compensation plan. First to join will get the chance to get paid best if you wish.. 

We will pay out a total of 60% in commissions monthly. 

5. Network with other ethical and like minded people.

We have established communities on all major social networks.

Apply to join early while entry price is still extremely low.

The price right now to join and get all these 5 benefits is $27 USD then $5 per month. To cover the cost of support staff and administration expenses.

There is a 14 day money back guarantee.

As we grow membership will have greater benefits and the price will quickly increase.

OK that is the pitch. 

This is a hemp shirt! We look forward to supplying these soon.

Please join you will not regret this.

Michael and Yoriko